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All major medical plans are not the same. Here are some reasons Assurant Health is better!
* Rated “Excellent” by A.M. Best Company & “Strong” by Standard and Poor (Dec 2011)
* Inexpensive yet Comprehensive Coverage.
* Guaranteed Pricingfor a specific term.
* Rate Reductions – many areas of Arizona actually had recent rate reductions.
* Wide Range of Plans and Benefit Options tailored to fit your needs…you choose your deductible, your co-pay and any optional discounted add-ons.
* Extensive Doctor and Hospital Networks – which provide significant savings.
* Networks Options Make a Difference – we now have access to the Cigna and Aetna products giving you more provider options.
* No Referrals Needed for Specialists we have several plans where you choose which doctors you see.
* Mayo Clinic– the renowned Mayo Clinics provide you with center of excellent” care. All customers have access to Mayo Clinic, regardless of the primary PPO network selected. * Optional Indemnity Plans to GAP Major Medical Out-of-Pocket Costs – gapping the Individual Medical deductible with optional supplemental products for Accidents and Critical Illness provides critical first or early dollar benefits.
* Optional Dental and/or a Vision Discount Program for up to a 40% Premium Discount.